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A water heater is a major appliance of any home because of the necessary supply of hot water that it provides for washing dishes, doing laundry, bathing, and showering. Many people can’t see living without this crucial unit. If you have problems with your heater call Hanzel Plumbing & Drain Cleaning. In case you need a tankless water heater, we can provide you with one in Houston, TX. If you have one and needs to have it repaired, we can work on it as well. This kind of heater has several advantages including economy of space and having water on demand.

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Do you need to install an electric water heater for your home? If you do, we can put one in place for you. Our technicians are skilled and experienced in repairing or installation of these types of heaters and can assist you if you need help with them. While it is great to have a hot water heater in the home, it is also important to keep in well maintained. For instance if you have the tank type you are encourage to have a qualified plumber clean it from time to time to prevent sediment from accumulating, which might damage the system and cause loud banging sounds.